Week 8 – #31 Eye Lines (Composition)


There is a glass blowing shop on Main Street at Disney’s Magic Kingdom where I love to go to get away from the crowds and watch the glassblower work his craft. This blower was making glass ball ornaments and each took about 5-10 minutes from start to finish. after watching him make about 3 balls I figured out how I wanted to take the shot.

In this part of the process the ball is almost complete. He is blowing air through the flexible tube, which attaches to the long metal tube holding the ball of hot, malleable glass. He is shaping the top of the ball which will have a small neck where the hole for hanging will be. As you can tell from the motion in the ball, he is rolling the tube attached to the ball back and forth to keep the ball from drooping and to shape the neck with the tool.  Obviously its important that he keep his eye on the ball at all times (no pun intended) to adjust the shape. He never looked up, and I think the sunglasses were to protect his eyes from the unbelievably hot oven he opened from time to time to heat the glass to liquid.


Week 7 – #26 Loneliness (Creative)

Empty Nest

eagle1 (1 of 1)

The bald eagle was calling for its mate during this beautiful sunset in Oscar Scherer State Park. Such a lonely call…. but it wasn’t long before the other returned and they flew a few rounds in the twilight together.

Week 6- #15- Leading Lines (Composition)

I positioned myself in the right spot in the audience to take this image of a Veteran speaking at a military ceremony today. Unfortunately I left the DSLR at home, so the iPhone had to suffice. I positioned it by my ankles to be sure I had the Stars and Stripes in the frame, as well as the subject. I can’t think of better lines to highlight!!! I hope to keep veterans in our thoughts as we head toward a long weekend, brought to us by veterans.

Week #4 Full Edit (Technical)

elle1 (1 of 1)

If you have ever watched Stranger Things in Netflix you will get this photo (if not, then you are missing a good series!). Another pre-visualized image which came out sort of how I wanted it to. This character, Eleven, is my daughter’s favorite and she wanted an image she could share in an Instagram Challenge. The shoot required an off camera flash set up ( two – 1 camera right and 1 camera left), composite work in Photoshop, and of course, no Halloween would be complete if I did not have to construct a dog costume (demodog, right). The girl and demodog had to be captured separately and added in PS, as well as the reflection and water.

I am low on the learning curve with off camera flash (OCF) work. In this case, I had trouble getting both flashes to have the same power output, which resulted in harsh shadows to one side. I think it works here since its a creepy photo, but I have a lot of work to do before I can use the technique for portrait.

Week #2 – Product

apples (1 of 1)

Stopped at Aldi for some muffins and salsa, and got stopped in my tracks by these apples. Not to mention they are my favs (NY macintosh), but I immediately started envisioning an image to take. This is an example of how I like to “make an image”, or envision what I want (as opposed to the lucky shot last week) then set it up and capture. An advertisement for a health magazine or something similar was the idea.

They were mighty tasty!

(a litte cc requested – which do you prefer? original or the cropped one below?)apples_crp (1 of 1).jpg

Week 1 – Wild Card


I must have taken hundreds of pictures with my DSLR last week – a soccer practice, classroom pictures for a slideshow, and the classic car show in downtown LWR. None really spoke to me for these, until I took a picture with my iPhone yesterday at the beach. Just before a rainstorm I was fascinated by the ethereal light, storm clouds and gluttonous seagulls entertaining my son. I could not really see the image until later at home, and then I realized how much I liked it. If it were to fall into a category not listed in this year’s themes, I would call it Rim Light, for the light that outlined his face against the dark storm clouds. I could not have captured this image 2 minutes earlier or later. After this moment we got soaked!!

#2 – Below the Knees

belowthe knees

At Holmes Beach close to sunset, some boys were playing football in the sand. Every time they sprinted and stopped short sand would fly and the poof be illuminated by the bright evening sun. I had fun watching their feet through my lens trying to get the right shot. It got to where I could tell what they were doing (passing, receiving, blocking) by the movement of their feet. As always I felt intrusive when photographing strangers, but the long lens gives you just enough of a buffer zone to be comfortable.