Week #2 – Product

apples (1 of 1)

Stopped at Aldi for some muffins and salsa, and got stopped in my tracks by these apples. Not to mention they are my favs (NY macintosh), but I immediately started envisioning an image to take. This is an example of how I like to “make an image”, or envision what I want (as opposed to the lucky shot last week) then set it up and capture. An advertisement for a health magazine or something similar was the idea.

They were mighty tasty!

(a litte cc requested – which do you prefer? original or the cropped one below?)apples_crp (1 of 1).jpg


Week 1 – Wild Card


I must have taken hundreds of pictures with my DSLR last week – a soccer practice, classroom pictures for a slideshow, and the classic car show in downtown LWR. None really spoke to me for these, until I took a picture with my iPhone yesterday at the beach. Just before a rainstorm I was fascinated by the ethereal light, storm clouds and gluttonous seagulls entertaining my son. I could not really see the image until later at home, and then I realized how much I liked it. If it were to fall into a category not listed in this year’s themes, I would call it Rim Light, for the light that outlined his face against the dark storm clouds. I could not have captured this image 2 minutes earlier or later. After this moment we got soaked!!

#2 – Below the Knees

belowthe knees

At Holmes Beach close to sunset, some boys were playing football in the sand. Every time they sprinted and stopped short sand would fly and the poof be illuminated by the bright evening sun. I had fun watching their feet through my lens trying to get the right shot. It got to where I could tell what they were doing (passing, receiving, blocking) by the movement of their feet. As always I felt intrusive when photographing strangers, but the long lens gives you just enough of a buffer zone to be comfortable.

#4. Bright Idea


Many times as a kid I would see moss covered tree stumps or knolls that looked like the perfect lawn for fairies or other small mythical creatures to play on. Although I could not find any fairies to photograph that day, I decided to use a little Photoshop to help visualize the thought. This composite photo was taken with both a macro (for the moss) and zoom (for the “fairies”) and layered in Photoshop. I have been wanting to experiment with contrasting distances in one photo for a while now, and I have some other ideas in mind. If only I could find the time……….

Speaking of time, it has been several weeks since my last post. The day job has kept me too busy for the fun things in life but I hope to be able to keep up in the future.

#37 – Rows and Rows of…..


Each star on the Freedom Wall of the National WW II Memorial in the National Mall represents 100 soldiers killed or missing during World War II. There are 4048 gold stars.

Knowing I was going to visit many of the beautiful and moving memorials that day, I lugged around DC with my “big” camera, 3 lenses and various other camera equipment. Alas, what I forgot was my camera’s SD card, which was still in the computer drive at home. I was unable to get the right card on vacation, so this image was taken with the trusty iPhone and edited in Photoshop. I toyed with the idea of making it black and white, but the gold is more stunning and, needless to say, hard won.

A4. Night Shot


While usually the Big Blue Hat takes center stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the fireworks from behind overpower it from this angle. I did not change much about this image taken with my iPhone except for a crop. I love the color. The only things missing are the booms, crackles, and the sound of hundreds of kids singing along to Let It Go.

#47 Summer Fun


Ok so I know I said I would try to get pictures other than that of kids-having-fun theme but I think this field of wildflowers in Upstate New York needed a dynamic subject, and they are a lot better looking than me. We came across this field while hiking and it was a great setting for a picture. The field totally covered with beautiful flowers except for a small path mowed for a trail. I had to stage it a little and tell them to run down the hill while I stood far away with a telephoto lens. They were happy to comply, several times in fact, but of course the first pic or two always works out the best. I cropped and added a slight vignette. I tried to fade the bright colors on their shirts but it did not work out so well.
* just a note – I would NEVER let them run through an unmowed field for fear of deer ticks!
This is how I had to return the favor of their cooperation…..comp shoot of their friends….


#46. Still Life

red and yellow tomatos

The opportunity to fulfill this theme presented itself when my kids brought a basket of freshly picked, still-warm-from-the-sun tomatoes from my mom’s garden. Affectionately known as “momatoes”, they can’t be beat in terms of taste. My daughter, who normally turns her nose up at store-bought tomatoes, gobbled the yellow ones up like candy. I love the gray background of the old picnic table. I try to really pick my backgrounds carefully, and this table brings out the vibrant color of the tomatoes while lending texture and contrast. In retrospect I would have bracketed more to reduce the depth of field or used a different lens, but this picture just makes me hungry.